Therapeutic Recreation

Emphasis Area in the Recreation Major

The Therapeutic Recreation (TR) tract prepares students to deliver therapeutic recreation services. Services include assessing individuals; planning, implementing, and evaluating recreation programs for people with disabilities, illnesses, and special needs. Many individuals require assistance in developing skills for leisure involve-ment.

An individual pursuing a career in Therapeutic Recreation is involved in using recreation as a tool to work with people with physical disabilities, devel-opmental disabilities, mental illness, limitations due to aging, dependency on alcohol or other drugs, or work with youth who are considered at-risk.  Graduates may work in rehabilitation centers, hospitals, nursing homes, childcare agencies, correctional facili-ties, schools, parks and recreation agencies, and other health and human service agencies.

Upon completion of a recreation degree from the CSU accredited program students can pursue becoming a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) through the National Council for TR Certification (

Why Choose Chicago State University?

  • Therapeutic Recreation is one of four tracts in the Recreation Major at Chicago State University.
  • Nationally accredited program in-creases job marketability for CSU graduates.
  • Qualification to take the NCTRC Certified Therapeutic Recreation exam after graduation.
  • Comprehensive high quality, yet af-fordable courses of study.
  • Chicago State University is one of the highest rated campuses for safety in Illinois.
  • Numerous opportunities to meet and work with Therapeutic Recreation professionals.
  • Access to employing agencies through visits and fieldwork.
University Core Requirements: (44-50 hours)
Composition (6 hours)
ENG 1230/1270 3 cr. Writers’ Workshop I or Composition I
ENG 1280 3 cr. Composition II
Foreign Language (6 hours): In Sequence
Math (3 hours)
Math 3 cr.  
Pysical and Life Science (14 hours)
(Must take one laboratory course)
BIOL 1080 3 cr. Biol. Sc. Survey II
Ph S 1080 3 cr. Critical Thinking about Tech.
ZOOL 2050* 4 cr. Human Function Anatomy
PSLY 2040* 4 cr. Human Physiology
*Anatomy and Physiology can be a combined course from another institution. If taken as one class from another institution students will need another elective under “Directed Electives”
Critical Thinking (3 hours)
*Ph S 1080 also fills this requirement
Social Sciences (9 hours)
SOC 1010 3 cr. Intro. to Sociology
POL 1010 3 cr. American National Government
PSYC 1100 3 cr. Intro. to Psychology
Humanities (6 hours)
CMAT 1130 or 2030 3 cr. Basic Speech Comm. or Comm. for Professionals
Fine Art Elective 3 cr.  
Diversity (3 hours)
Core Requirements (46 hours)
PE/REC 1900 1 cr. Seminar in Physical Education
REC 1000 3 cr. Intro. to Leisure Studies
REC 2000 3 cr. Program Planning for Leisure Studies
REC 2010 3 cr. Philosophy of Leisure & Recreation
ED 4312
(REC 2070)
3 cr. Tech. for PE & Rec. Prof.
REC 2200 3 cr. Leadership & Supervision in Leisure & Recreation
REC 2300 3 cr. Outdoor Rec. & Team Build.
REC 2580 3 cr. Leisure Programming for Adults in Later Life
REC 4000 3 cr. Facility Mgt. & Design
REC 4240 3 cr. Mgt. of Leisure Service Delivery Systems
REC 4300 3 cr. Overview of TR Services
REC 4500 3 cr. Program Evaluation & Research in Leis. & Rec.
REC 4540 3 cr. Seminar & Methodology in Recreation
REC 4750 9 cr. Internship
Supportive Courses (10 hours)
HS 1570 2 cr. First Aid
PE 2140 2 cr. Movement Concepts & Dance
REC/PE 2360 2 cr. Aquatics for PE & Recreation
PE 2380 2 cr. Lifetime Sports
PE 2390 2 cr. Team Sports
Directed Electives (8-11 hours)
PSYC 2000 3 cr. Life Span Development
PSYC 4155 3 cr. Abnormal Psychology
Therapeutic Recreation Specialty (9 hours)
REC 3310 3 cr. Principles & Clinical Practices in TR
REC 4320 3 cr. Program Design & Evaluation in TR
REC 4440 3 cr. Issues, Trends, & Contemporary Problems in TR

Please note the following guidelines:

  • A grade of C or above is required in all recreation courses and supportive courses, either as transfer credit or completed at CSU.
  • A minimum of 30 credit hours must be completed at CSU with a cumulative GPA of 2.5.

For more information contact

Dr. June N. Price-Shingles
Director of Recreation Program
Chicago State University
Department of Secondary Education, Professional Studies and Recreation
JDC #216
Chicago, IL 60628-1598
Phone: (773)995-3779