Recreation Management

The Recreation Management tract in the Recreation Major at Chicago State University provides students with the additional abilities to administer or manage in the recreation field. Having additional business courses allows a greater level of marketability among graduates in this business-oriented society.

The organizations that employ recreation professionals are highly diversified. Combined these organizations meet every type of leisure need or interest for the public including people with special needs and special interest groups. The Recreation Management emphasis area prepares graduates for leadership, programming and supervisory positions in:

  • Municipal and county park recreation departments
  • Camps and camping programs
  • Non-profit organizations (YMCAs/YWCAs, Boys Clubs, Girl Clubs, etc.)
  • Corporate recreation departments
  • Commercial recreation providers
  • Fitness and health facilities
  • Campus recreation
  • Resorts and resort communities
  • Military recreation departments
  • Other youth and community agencies
University Core Requirements: (36-42 hours)
Composition (6 hours)
ENG 1230/1270 3 cr. Writers’ Workshop I or Composition I
ENG 1280 3 cr. Composition II
Foreign Language (6 hours): In Sequence
Math (3 hours)
Math 3 cr.  
Physical and Life Science (6 hours)
(Must take one laboratory course)
BIOL 1080 3 cr. Biol. Sc. Survey II
Ph S 1080* 3 cr. Critical thinking about Technology
Critical Thinking (3 hours)
*Ph S 1080 also fills this requirement
Social Sciences (9 hours)
SOC 1010 3 cr. Intro. to Sociology
POL 1010 3 cr. American National Government
PSYC 1100 3 cr. Intro. to Psychology
Humanities (6 hours)
CMAT 1130 or 2030 3 cr. Basic Speech Comm. or Comm. for Professionals
Fine Art Elective 3 cr.  
Diversity (3 hours)
Core Requirements (46 hours)
PE/REC 1900 1 cr. Seminar in Physical Education
REC 1000 3 cr. Intro. to Leisure Studies
REC 2000 3 cr. Program Planning for Leisure Studies
REC 2010 3 cr. Philosophy of Leisure & Recreation
ED 4312 (REC 2070) 3 cr. Tech. for PE & Rec. Prof.
REC 2200 3 cr. Leadership & Supervision in Leisure & Recreation
REC 2300 3 cr. Outdoor Rec. & Team Build.
REC 2580 3 cr. Leisure Programming for Adults in Later Life
REC 4000 3 cr. Facility Mgt. & Design
REC 4240 3 cr. Mgt. of Leisure Service Delivery Systems
REC 4300 3 cr. Overview of TR Services
REC 4500 3 cr. Program Evaluation & Research in Leis. & Rec.
REC 4540 3 cr. Seminar & Methodology in Recreation
REC 4750 9 cr. Internship
Supportive Courses (10 hours)
HS 1570 2 cr. First Aid
PE 2140 2 cr. Movement Concepts & Dance
REC/PE 2360 2 cr. Aquatics for PE & Recreation
PE 2380 2 cr. Lifetime Sports
PE 2390 2 cr. Team Sports
Directed Electives (12-14 hours)
(6 credits must be from the following: ACCT 2110, 2111, ECON 1010, 1020, MGMT 1030, 3010, or MKTG 3110, MKTG 3820)
Recreation Management Specialty (10-13 hours)
(Any REC., PE, or HPER courses)
REC 4100 or REC 4400 3 cr. Commercial or Community Recreation

Please note the following guidelines:

  • A grade of C or above is required in all recreation courses and supportive courses, either as transfer credit or completed at CSU.
  • A minimum of 30 credit hours must be completed at CSU with a cumulative GPA of 2.5.

For more information contact:

Dr. June N. Price-Shingles
Director of Recreation Program
Chicago State University
Department of Secondary Education, Professional Studies and Recreation
JDC #216
Chicago, IL 60628-1598
Phone: (773)995-3779