College of Education Scholarships

Scholarships are available for College of Education Students


  • Full-Time College of Education Students
  • Students with a minimum 3.0 G.P.A

CSU Foundation Scholarship for Undergratuate Students - minimum GPA 3.0
COE Dean’s Scholarship - Graduate Students - minimum GPA 3.0
Golden Apple Scholarship - Freshman and Sophmores under 21 and younger
Lottie C. Patarini Award (HPER)
Alice Smith Memorial Award (HPER)
Thurgood Marshall Scholarship
Joyce Jones Memorial Scholarship for Student Teachers
Barbara Farnandis Graduate Reading Scholarship
Bill and Kitty Robinson Student Teaching Scholarship
Jane & Seldon Strother Graduate Scholarship
Chicago Teachers College 50th Anniversary Scholarship

Future Teachers Scholarship

The table below summarizes annual giving and fundraising efforts during the 2010-2011 academic year. It shows that the College of Education awarded $33,924 to students for scholarships during 2010- 2011.

College of Education Scholarships Awarded, Fall2010-Spring 2011
Scholarship # Awarded Fall 2010 # Awarded Spring 2011 Total Award Amount
COE Dean's Scholarship 9 10 $18,124.25
CSU Foundation Scholarship 9 8 $10,000.00
Dr. Seldon Sthrother Memorial Award   1 $500.00
Fred Bonner Memorial Phi Delta Kappa Scholarship 2 2 $2,000.00
Bill and Kitty Robinson Scholarship   1 $500.00
Dr. Joyce Jones Memorial Scholarship   1 $250.00
The Lottie C. Patarini Award   2 $200.00
The Alice Smith Award   1 $100.00
The MayAnn C. Mackey Memomorial Award   1 $250.00
The Dr. Barbara Farnandis Scholarship   1 $1,000.00
Total     $32,924.25

Fundraising Efforts for COE Scholarships 2010 and 2011

As shown in the first figure below, donations to College scholarship funds increased from $5,604.50 in FY 2010 to $6,237.00 in FY 2011. The second figure below shows that the total number of donors increased from 12 during FY 2010 to 15 in FY2011. Although the total number of donors increased in 2011, the average amount per donor decreased in 2011 from ($467) to 2011 ($415). The College will step up its scholarship award and fund-raising efforts with the goal of increasing the totals each year in the future.