Community Outreach and Field Placement Services (COFPS)

The table below shows recruitment and community outreach efforts in which the COFPS engaged during fall 2010 and spring 2011. Office staff visited and distributed recruitment literature to 12 high schools, 5 elementary schools and 2 early childhood sites; attended a CPS Area 14 meeting for principals and distributed recruitment literature; hosted 40 CPS high school senioes at the annual "hats Off to African American Women" celebration and encouraged students to consider CSU for their higher education; In collaboration with the Latino Resource Center, invited two (2) community organization representatives to campus for community recruitment purposes; accompanied Dean to two (2) monthly meetings of the North Pullman Community Organization: the College Hosted eight (80 Community Organization Meetings; faculty and staff participated in three (3) CSU Community Outreach Fairs that were attended by community organizations and representatives.

COFPS- Community Outreach and Recruitment Efforts 2010-2011
High School Visits 14
Elementary School Visits 5
Early Child Site Visits 2
Number of K-12 Students Hosted during Campus Visits 40
Local Neighbors Invited to Campus 2
Number of on-Campus Fairs in Which the College Participated 3
Community Organization Meetings Attended/Hosted During throught the Year 10