Business Plan Format

The only acceptable presentation formats are PowerPoint or PDF format. Only non-moving graphics will be accepted.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary is your opportunity to provide people with a solid understanding of your business. This page should summarize your entire business plan. Your excitement and due diligence should be reflected on this page.

This section should include an overview of your company, explaining:

  • Who you are (company name)
  • What your company does
  • Why your product or service is needed

Products and/or Services

This page must highlight in detail your product or services. Readers should learn about your rationale behind creating this product or service, as well as your competitive advantage including any unique characteristics your product or service has. Please include the pricing structure on this slide.

This section should:

  • Specifically describe all of your products and services
  • Explain how your products and services are competitive

Industry and Competitive Analysis

Use this section to educate your reader about the industry you plan on entering or are already engaged. Discuss what makes your product or service better than anything/anyone on the market.

This section should:

  • Describe your business industry and outlook
  • Define the critical needs of your perceived or existing market
  • Identify your target market
  • Provide a general profile of your targeted clients
  • Describe what share of the market you currently have and/or anticipate

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan page should highlight your approach to the marketing 4P's (price, place, product, and promotion). Discuss how you reach your customers. For example, which channel(s) do you plan on utilizing to acquire customers. If you are already operational, discuss your current channel(s). If you offer more than one product or service please provide detail for each.

This section should:

  • Identify and describe your market – who your customers are, and what the demand is for your products & services
  • Describe your channels of distribution
  • Explain your marketing strategy, specific to pricing, promotion, products and place (4Ps)

Financial Plan

Provide projected financial information below for this year and the next two years. If your business currently exists, please provide financial information for the last three years, or for the time your business has been in operation, if less than three years.

This section should include:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement

If you are a New Business, please provide the following in lieu of actual data:

  • Estimate of start-up costs
  • Projected balance sheet (1 year forward)
  • Projected income statement (1 year forward)
  • Projected cash flow statement (12 months forward)