Finance Major Course Description

1010/101 PERSONAL FINANCIAL DECISION (3) - Management of personal income and expenditures, including the development of competencies in logic as a consumer in the areas of budgeting, credit, housing and mortgages, insurance, savings and investment and retirement and estate planning. (A critical thinking course.)

2660/266 PRINCIPLES OF FINANCE (3) Prerequisite: ACCT 2110. - Nature of financial management. Analysis of financial statements and fund flows. Time value of money and capital budgeting, capital structure, and leverage. Characteristics and use of securities.

3630 FINANCIAL MODELING (3) Prerequisite: INSY 1370. - Develop financial models using electronic spreadsheet. Topics include financial statement analysis, cash budget, forecasting, break-even analysis, stock valuation, bond valuation, cost of capital, capital budgeting, and portfolio statistics and diversification. Advanced functions of spreadsheet application will be utilized to facilitate the development and analysis process.

3640/364 INTRODUCTION TO FINANCIAL DERIVATIVES (3) Prerequisite: FIN 2660; junior standing. - Understanding the nature and valuation of derivative securities including options and futures contracts. Use of financial derivatives for risk management and hedging for businesses. 359

3650/365 INTERNATIONAL FINANCE (3) Prerequisite: FIN 2660. - The multinational environment and the nature of corporate policy and decision making. Includes the financial management of short-term funds, exchange rates and restrictions on commitment of resources, and the repatriation of capital and profits. Analysis of financial statements and funds flow in a multinational firm including problems in capital budgeting and sources of financing.

3660/366 FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS (3) Prerequisite: FIN 2660. - Study of corporate financing from the standpoint of financial institutions which provide funds and facilitate the process of financing, including banks, savings and loan associations, securities markets and exchanges, underwriters, small business administration agencies, economic development corporations, and others. Impact of these institutions on the urban environment. (A writing emphasis course.)

3670/367 COMMERCIAL BANKING (3) Prerequisite: FIN 2660. - Quantitative analysis of the role of commercial banks in the savings investment processes, including deposit creation, allocation of assets, structure of liabilities, and the production of bank services.

3680/368 INVESTMENTS (3) Prerequisite: FIN 2660. - Major sources of investment information, financial markets, portfolio management, current investment theories, and investment advisement.

3690/369 ADVANCED CORPORATE FINANCE (3) Prerequisite: Admitted major or minor. FIN 2660 and senior standing. - Quantitative analysis of the acquisition, allocation and management of funds within a business enterprise. Financial goals, funds flow, capital budgeting, and financing strategies.

3750/375 REAL ESTATE FINANCE (3) Prerequisite: FIN 2660. - Principles and methods of financing real estate, sources of funds, types and content of financing instruments, analysis of loans, screening of borrowers, legal aspects and the role of various financing institutions, both private and governmental.

3840 RISK MANAGEMENT AND INSURANCE (3) - Risk identification, risk-evaluation, and risk treatment methods. Consideration is given to both business and personal risks, with an emphasis on insurance as a risk management tool. Risk management tools and processes will include insurance and other alternative methods.

4505 ENTREPRENUREAL MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS (3) - The growth and development of the entrepreneurial enterprise via mergers and acquisitions. Deal structures, financing alternatives, and legal and tax implications will be explored.

4700/370 CORPORATE FINANCE SEMINAR (3) Prerequisite: Admitted major or minor. FIN 3690.- Courses focuses on integration of financial operations with other operations of a business unit. Includes working capital management, financial planning, capital budgeting, capital structure and financial control. Course focuses on application of corporate finance theory using case studies.

4990/399 INDEPENDENT STUDY AND SPECIAL PROBLEMS (3) Prerequisite: Junior standing. - Designed for independent research and study of special finance problems. A comprehensive research paper is required. Maximum of two enrollments, not in the same term, for a total of six credit hours.

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