Accounting Major Degree Requirements


Students majoring in accounting are expected to fulfill the following assessment requirements:

  • Capstone Analysis - a comprehensive examination will be administered in ACCT 4317/ 317 (auditing course). The purpose of the examination is to assess student learning of general financial accounting principles, simple computations, and cost accounting principles.

  • Standardized Field Test Examination – all College of Business students must take a standardized field test examination in business. This examination is given in MGMT 4890/ 389. The purpose of the examination is to provide students with feedback on their mastery of general business concepts compared to other senior business students. The students’ ability to analyze and solve problems, understand relationships, and interpret material is also covered in the examination.

  • Senior Exit Interview - all graduating seniors are required to complete a senior exit interview questionnaire as part of their application for graduation. The purpose of the questionnaire is to learn the student’s perceptions regarding his or her academic experience at CSU. The senior exit interview forms can be obtained from the department secretary.

  • Senior Thesis

Assessment results will be used to evaluate the quality of learning within the accounting program. The results will also be the basis for any future revisions in the curriculum.


  • Composition 6 credit hours: ENG 1270/127/1230 and 1280/128/1240
  • Foreign Language 6 credit hours: In a single foreign language.
  • Humanities 12 credit hours: 3 hours in English (2790/279); 3 hours in CMAT (2030/203); 3 hours in Fine Arts; 3 hours in Diversity.
  • Mathematics 3 credit hours: MATH 1200/162 (also satisfies the critical thinking requirement).
  • Physical and Life Science 6 credit hours: 3 credit hours from biological sciences and 3 credit hours from physical sciences. At least one course must be with a laboratory.
  • Social Sciences 9 credit hours: ECON 1010/101, 1020/102, and one additional approved Social Science course

BUSINESS CORE COURSES: 45 credit hours>

  • ACCT 2110/110, 2111/111, 2291/29
  • FIN 2660/266
  • INSY 1370/137
  • MGMT 1030/103, 3010/249, 3020/251, 3240/224, 4850/358, 4890/389
  • QBA1500, 2000/200, 2010/201
  • MKTG 3110/276


  • ACCT 2120/212, 3213/213, 3214/214, 3292/292, 3293/293, 4315/315, 4317/317, 3319/319

BUSINESS ELECTIVES: 6 credit hours

  • Select from ACCT 3314/314, 4900/ 390, 4394/394; FIN 3680/368, 3690/369; BLP 3207/207


  • Electives must include at least 3 hours in a social and behavioral science and 3 hours in the humanities.

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