Undergraduate Psychology Major Assessment

FORM 201C: SUMMARY OF TREND [Instructional Programs – Undergraduate and Graduate Majors]

Program & Department     Psychology    Assessment Coordinator                                     Dena High-Rogers              

Directions: Assessment trend data is recorded in 3-year cycles.  Provide the information requested in each column along with a summary of action.  Attach the assessment plan.



May 2016 Report

May 2017 Report

May 2018 Report



2015/2016 Results

Actions Taken

2016/2017 Results

Actions Taken

2017/2018 Results

Actions Taken

Summary of Actions Taken

Graduation Rates

(undergrad programs only)

Not available at this time







1st Year Retention Rates

(undergrad programs only)

Not available at this time







Indirect or Reflective Assessment Instrument

75% of students gave ratings of 5 or higher

A greater emphasis will be placed on theory, and research.

91% of students gave ratings of 5 or higher, and 64% of students have ratings of 6 or higher

A greater emphasis will be placed on advising, making a variety of courses offered equally day and night, and teacher/student involvement /mentoring.  Also providing students with the details of our career center for career building and job placement




Standardized Exam

(Direct Assessment Instrument 1)



Due to budget constraints the department had to justify this purchase.  Approval was given in April, and, by the time the assessments were received, there was no time to administer them.

Undergraduate committee will review other low-cost or free options for a general content knowledge assessment (i.e., the GRE subject exam in psychology).

New instrument being developed





Journal Critique

(Direct Assessment Instrument 2)



Missing data reflects need to streamline assessment procedures

New faculty hired at the last moment were not trained in collecting this assessment data


60% of students completing the assessment achieve the target of 70% or above.

A decision was made to implement this assignment in the first research methods course.  It can then be used to map progress as the student advances.




Research Paper

(Direct Assessment Instrument 3)

88.24% of students achieve target

Need to include individual paper assignments at various points in the core curriculum.  Scientific literacy and appropriate use of APA style are the weaker areas for students.  The highest scores were in Critical thinking, understanding psychology concepts, and writing quality.  Weaker areas will be emphasized in the program and course.

100% of students completing the assessment achieve the target  and 50% exceed target.

Instructors will emphasize the development and use of critical thinking skills, understanding the research process, and improving writing quality.  The highest areas were understanding psychology concepts and the appropriate use of APA style.








Our department's assessment plan can be found here.