Frequently Asked Questions


Q:   When is the deadline for admissions?

A:   The Counseling Graduate Program admits students into our Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling program once yearly. To be considered you must submit your complete application packet by March 1st every year. (Please note: that the admission deadline various for every department.)

Q:   I missed the fall admissions deadline, but I would still like to attend school. What should I do?

A:   You can take classes as a Graduate At Large (GSAL). Students can transfer nine (9) credit hours from other institutions and twelve (12) credit hours for classes attended at Chicago State University. Click here for an GSAL application.

Q:   Where can I find or apply for financial aid/student loans?

A:   This information is located in the Financial Aid office located in the Cook Administration Bldg 207. The phone number is (773) 995-2304.

Q:   How much does CSU classes cost?

A:   This information is provided on our Tuition and Fees website.

Q:   Where can I find more information on Illinois Basic Skills Exam?

A:   Click her for Illinois Certification Testing System’s website

Q:   What is CACREP and how does it help me?

A:   CACREP accreditation provides recognition that the content and quality of the education offered by the accredited program has been evaluated extensively and meets standards set by and for the profession. The student can be assured that appropriate knowledge and skills areas will be included that are necessary for entry into the counseling field. The student as a consumer can also be assured that the program is financially stable. As a graduate of CACREP accredited program, a student applying for certification by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) will have the two (2) years of post-secondary supervised experience waived. This facilitates and expedites one’s experience in becoming National Certified Counselor (NCC). In addition, some states will waive a portion of the post-graduate supervised experience required for licensure.

Q:   How many graduate credit hours can I transfer into this program?

A:   Students can transfer a total of 12 credit hours.  You can transfer a total of nine (9) credit hours from other institutions and take an additional three credit hours at Chicago State.  You can also transfer all twelve (12) credit hours for classes attended at Chicago State University. 

Q: I have a full time job, how can I get a degree/certificate?

A: Our courses are scheduled with the working adult in mind.  All of our campus classes are evening class that meet once weekly and they usually begin around 5 pm.  Each class is three hours in length.

Q: Do you have an online based program?

A: While we do offer a few of our courses online, you can not obtain a degree soley online.

Q: Do you have a cohort program?

A: Unfortunately, we do not offer a cohort program at this time.

Q: I already have a degree, is it possible to take just a few classes?

A: Yes, you can take courses as a Graduate Student At Large (GSAL).  Graduate Students At Large are non-degree seeking students that need a few classes to fulfill a job requirement or to obtain licensure. GSAL students must meet with an our program advisors and are not allowed to take our clinical courses.

Q: How long will it take me to complete a masters degree in this program?

A: A majority of our students are considered part-time averaging 6 credit hours per semester.  However, students can complete the program in as little as two years with a full time schedule.  Students are required to complete the program within six years of acceptance. Click here for a sample schedule.


Q:   How do I register for my classes online?

A:   Click here How to Register Online for an instructional pamphlet.

Q:   How do I choose which class to take for the semester?

A:   Every student must see an advisor every semester to receive advising for their classes and also to receive a PIN number to register. PIN numbers change every semester. To make an appointment with one of our Counseling Graduate advisors call the Counseling Graduate Office at 773.995.2359.

Q:   I’m registered in for an online class but how can I access my online class?

A:   Before you begin, you must obtain a CSU email account to login. Go to and find the CSU Onlilne Link box (located in the middle of the screen).  Then follow the directions on this site.

Q:   How do I validate my classes?

A:   This information is provided on our Office of Course Schedule website When you enter this website click the current semester’s quick link option on the left side of the page, then click on Fee and Payment Information.

Where can I...

… obtain a CSU email account?  Once you are enrolled as a student you can download Email Application Form and submit form in Douglas Library 122

… obtain my CSU identification card?  New Academic Library -1st floor

…get more information on other CSU graduate programs?  Go to School of Graduate and Professional Studies website.

…find my textbook for class? If you take your course schedule to the CSU bookstore (located in the Business and Health Sciences Bldg (BHS) /102, to an employee they can help you find the books you need for class. 

…find out more information on the National Certification Exam (NCE)?   When you have completed 90% of your program you qualify to take the NCE through Chicago State. For more information please come to the Counseling Graduate Office HWH 311.

…find out how much parking is?   Parking is $4 paid in cash upon entering the campus. Students also have the option to buy a parking pass.

...find the Harold Washington Hall building if I am driving in from the parking lot?

Click here to find a CSU Map and Building Directory handout