Mission Statement

The Counseling Graduate Program of Chicago State University is located on the south side of Chicago, primarily serving residents who both live and work within the Chicago urban area. The students within the program are diverse and representative of the largely minority population within this region.The mission of the program is to produce highly qualified graduates equipped to serve the complex counseling demands in urban settings with a specific emphasis on addressing the needs of urban youth and their families. This mission is generated from a belief that counselors equipped to deal with the more difficult problems within large cities with also be effective in other, less challenging settings.  To accomplish its mission, the program is committed to:

  • Recruiting, retaining and graduating culturally and economically diverse students.
  • Employing a dedicated, caring and culturally diverse faculty whose teaching is informed by research and clinical expertise.
  • Providing a curriculum that is infused with theory and applications related to diverse urban populations.
  • Providing students with a strong preparation in counseling interventions and models of prevention directed towards meeting the complex counseling needs within urban and other settings.
  • Providing opportunities for practical counseling experiences within urban schools and communities.
  • Teaching students how to access resources, advocate for their clients and their profession, and serve as community activist when needed.
  • Working in partnership with local institutions and agencies in the region to assist in the development of socially and economically viable and sustainable communities.

Successful Program Matriculation

Completion of at least fifty-one (School track) or fifty-four (Clinical Mental Health) credit hours at the graduate level with grades averaging B or better to meet general degree requirements.

  • Completion of all clinical courses (PSYC 5790, 5950, 5990/5991), with a grade of B or better
  • Admission to candidacy after pre-candidacy courses (PSYC 5600/5611, 5660, 5650, 5640, 5670)
  • Pass the objective and essay comprehensive examinations.
  • Students in the School Track or Type 73 Endorsement program must show proof of passing the Illinois Certification Content Area Test for School Counselors prior to enrollment in the School Internship class (PSYC 5990).
  • Completion of all degree requirements within six years.