Warren Sherman

Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus

Dr. Warren Sherman

Dr. Warren Sherman
SCI 245
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B.Sc., King’s College, University of London
Ph.D., King’s College, University of London
Postdoctoral, Brandeis University, Waltham , MA

Research Interests

Photochemistry and photobiology of synthetic and biological pigments including rhodopsins; protein structural analysis using spectrophotometric techniques; photochemistry and high-energy radiation chemistry of organic compounds in solution; bacterial phototaxis and chemotaxis; radiation safety and biohazards.

Representative Publications

Sherman, W.V. (1993) `Minorities in Science: The Dialogue', Science, 259 (February 19, 1993), 1105-6.

Sherman, W. V. and Plotkin, B. J. (1988) `Tactic responses of Halobact¬erium halobium to light and chemical stimuli', in `Biophys¬ical Studies of Retinal Proteins', ed. Ebrey, T. G. , Frauenfelder, H. , Honig, B. and Nakanishi, K. , University of Illinois Press, 44-51.

Plotkin, B. J. and Sherman, W. V. (1986) `Photomodulation of the Chemosensory response of Halobacterium halobium',Current Microbiology, 13, 209-213.

Palmer, P. L.* and Sherman W. V. (1985) `Alkaline quenching of bacterio¬rhodopsin tryptophanyl fluorescence: Evidence for aqueous accessibility or a hydrogen-bonded chain',Photochemistry and Photo¬biology, 42, 541-547.

Plotkin , B. J. , Boyd, M. S.* , Palmer, P. L. and Sherman, W. V. (1985) `Temperature dependence of the phototactic response of Halobact¬erium halobium', Current Microbiology, 12, 97-100.

Plotkin, B. J. and Sherman, W. V. (1984) `Spectral heteroge¬neity in protein fluorescence of bacteriorhodopsin' Biochemistry, 23, 5353 - 5¬360.