Aida Abraha

Associate Professor of Biochemistry

Aida Abraha

Dr. Aida Abraha
SCI-239 (SCI-296D)
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B.S., Chicago State University
Ph.D., Loyola University of Chicago
Postdoctoral fellowship, Johns Hopkins and Northwestern University

Research Interests

Alzheimer’s disease is partly characterized by the intracellular deposition of Neurofibrillary tangles that are made up of hyperphosphorylated and proteolytically cleaved tau protein. In my lab, we study the effect of tau truncation, by calpain, on polymerization in vitro. Kinetic s and morphology studies are monitored using laser light scattering and transmission electron microscope, respectively.

Recent Presentations and Publications

Abraha, A and Kanis D.R. “Growing a Vibrant Research Program with Non-Traditional students: Strategic Use of Time and Energy” Broadening Participation in Undergraduate Research: Fostering Excellence and Enhancing the Impact, Edited by Wesemann, J: Boyd, M.K., Chapter 20, pp 307-317; 2009.

Nicolette S. Honson, Jordan R. Jenson, Aida Abraha, Garth F. Hall, and Jeff Kuret. Small-molecule mediated neuroprotection in an in situ model of tauopathy (2008). Neurotoxicity Res., 15; 48-59.

Recent Grants and Funding

CTRE/CSU (PI) 2012, $10,000: “Effect of statin in tau polymerization in vitro and in CHO cells”;

EARDA/NIH (PI) 2008, 2003, $17,000: “Calpain effect on tau polymerization in vitro and in Alzheimer’s disease”;

MRI/ NSF (Co-PI) 2008, $350,000: “MRI: Acquisition of a Transmission Electron Microscope”;

MBRS/ NIH (PI) 2004-2007, $850,000: “Effect of calpain on tau polymerization in vitro and Alzheimer’s disease.”


Co-chair, CSU Institutional Biosafety Committee