Welcome to the Engineering Studies Program

The Office of Engineering Studies at Chicago State University is pleased to offer a program to educate and prepare students for a career in engineering. This unique program is part of a consortium that includes the Illinois Institute of Technology and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Students who enter this challenging program completes the required coursework in mathematics and basic sciences at Chicago State University that enables them to qualify for transfer to accredited bachelor’s degree programs in engineering at our partner institutions. Students who meet the program’s admission requirements will find that they are fully supported in their engineering studies by a full range of academic services and a staff that has special responsibility to provide sound academic guidance. Preparatory coursework is available to assist those students who must acquire prerequisites to enter engineering studies courses. The program can be paced to fit students’ scholastic background and individual learning needs.

This web site is created to provide important information to the Engineering Studies students at Chicago State University. This information will help prepare students as they make the decision to enter the engineering profession. This website is a guide and is not intended to be the sole source of information about the Engineering Studies Program. We strongly suggest that students maintain close contact with the Engineering Studies staff. The Engineering Studies staff will provide seminars and workshops created to assist you in the decision making process. The staff is available to Engineering Studies students for individual counseling and to assist students in preparing for their career as a professional engineer.

The Engineering Studies staff is available daily for individual appointments. The director has been charged with the responsibility to provide counseling concerning the preparation for, and application to, Engineering programs with our consortium partners at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the University of Illinois at Chicago. The staff is also well versed in information concerning the course requirements for preparing for a career in engineering.