Engineering Studies Curriculum

Math Placement Exam
English 1270 Composition I
English Exam (Eng 1230)
English 1280 Composition II
Reading Exam (Reading 1500)


Math 0990 Basic Math
Math 1200 College Algebra
Math 1210 College Algebra & Trigonometry
Math 1250 Pre-Calculus
Math 1410 Calculus I
Math 1420 Calculus II
Math 2430 Calculus III
Math 2550 Differential Equations


Chem 1550 General Chemistry I
Chem 1560 General Chemistry II


Phys 2110 Physics I (Mechanics)
Phys 2220 Physics II (Heat and Electromagnetism)
Phys 2330 Physics III (Optics and Modern Physics)

Computer Science

CS 1100 Intro to C++ Programming
CS 2100 ADV C++ Programming


Engr 1210 Intro to Engineering
IT 1121 Engineering Graphics/Technical Drawing
Engr 2430 Statics
Engr 2200 Dynamics
Engr 2300 Thermodynamics

Humanities/Social Sciences

Courses listed are suggested courses. Students may take other courses but are responsible for insuring course transferability.) Students are required to complete 2 lower division courses and 2 upper division courses (300 level or above) from both areas for a total of 8 courses totaling 24 semester hours.


Hist 1300, 1310
Hist 1200 Western Civilization
Phil 1010, 1020, 1030
Eng 1260 Intro to Literature

Social Sciences

Anth 1010
Econ 1010 or 1020
Pol Sci 1010
Soc 1010
Psyc 1100

Note: Please refer to Student Success Guide for course requirements for your intended major