The Art and Design program prepares a diverse student population to succeed professionally in the
visual arts. Our courses are also an inherent part of a university liberal arts education. A small student/
teacher ratio allows us to personally guide our students to their goals. With exhibitions and special
programs that engage the community, we increase awareness that the visual arts and design are
integral to every aspect of our culture and our daily lives.


One of the missions of higher education is to prepare graduates for the future. Many of the recently
identified requirements for successful careers in the 21st Century are those cultivated by the visual and
performing arts. The B.A. in Art degrees offered in Art and Design prepare students on many levels by
reinforcing and teaching synthesis, creativity, respect, and ethics. Acquiring a B.A. in Art degree is part
of the journey towards the many years necessary towards proficiency in a discipline.

Some students included in our primary demographic who reside on the South Side and in the southern
suburbs have been deprived of arts education opportunities that can help prepare them for successful
futures. Art and Design will work to fill part of this void by increasing student and faculty member
participation in activities on and off campus that include working directly with students, teachers,
and their communities. The program will tap into current and future associations with organizations
and institutions such as the South Side Community Art Center, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago Arts
Partnerships in Education, Diasporal Rhythms, University of Chicago, Chicago Office of Tourism and
Culture, Black Creativity, and other galleries, programs, and art fairs in Chicago. A focus on the visual
arts discipline and the interdisciplinary nature of this discipline will guide the activities. Funding will be
sought though grants and participation fees.

Art and Design will continue to improve facilities, revise curriculum, and increase student participation
with a specific focus on the B.A. in Art: Design Option, a degree proven to help students acquire
internships and related employment, though not at the neglect of the other degrees.