WebCalendar Style Guide for Calendar Managers

  • If the new CSU WebCalendar is the doorway to campus life, then the Calendar Manager [CM] is the gatekeeper to CSU! The CM is the individual who ensures that the information that is entered into the calendar is correct, spelled properly, grammatically correct, etc. Thus, the role of the CM is a critical one and the administrator who selected and sent you to this workshop did so because they know that you are capable.
  • The OIAEM neither enters data for your unit, nor double checks to determine whether the data that you submit on your event is correct! They merely review to ensure the template was followed to ensure that CSU is presented appropriately and consistently, before posting. Thus, please check and double check your form before you submit and follow the instructions that will be provided for you today.

First, all calendar submissions must always answer the following questions


Second, Regarding Event Titles

  • Use short event titles (if possible). (Ex. In title, refer to GPAC as GPAC. In event description, state Givens Performing Arts Center .) A few exceptions: in event title, spell out Board of Trustees and Board of Governors. Example: GPAC presents Spike Lee
  • Use quotations for play titles, not performers. Ex. “In the Mood” and Spike Lee.
  • If the event is a workshop, include workshop in the title. Ex. Workshop: Beating the College Blues.
  • For Athletic events: Women’s Volleyball vs. Francis Marion (for home games) Women’s Volleyball at Francis Marion (for away games)

Third, Regarding Event Descriptions

  • Date: The date or dates of the event/activity must be included.
  • Include fee for admission (if any), other phone numbers (if necessary) and who is invited.
  • Department Names
  • When referring to campus departments/programs, refer to them by the name. (See names I CSU Telephone Directory.)
  • Proper Titles

Use President Wayne D. Watson, Ph.D. (single), President Watson and Mrs. Watson (couple) and Dr. Tommy Hawk. Mr., Mrs. or Ms. Must be used before name.

  • Phone numbers should use the area code and prefix. Ex. (910) 521-6000.
  • Email addresses should use lowercase letters. (Ex. tommy.hawk@csu.edu)

Fourth, Regarding Location

  • When giving the location, building and room number, please spell out the name of the building. Example: Cook Administration Building , Rm. 313, President’s Art Gallery

Fifth, Regarding A Web Address

Example: http://www.csu.edu/gpac/. Do not include index.htm

Sixth, Regarding Contact Information

  • Contact person and contact email should be included with every entry. Email addresses should use lowercase letters.

Seventh, Color Schemes

To ensure consistency, use color as follows.

  • Dark Green =President’s events;
  • Dark Blue=Human Resources' events;
  • Black=all other campus events.