Campus Electrical Switch Gear Construction

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s happening?

The CSU campus will undergo a series of updates to the switchgear, a vital part of the electrical system that powers the campus. This will require several buildings on campus to be shut down at various points. In order to minimize the disruption caused by these shutdowns, they will be done in sections and staff from each building will be reassigned to different locations on campus.

What is the switchgear?

Switchgear is a vital part of the overall electrical system on campus. It is the combination of electrical disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment.

Why is the update necessary?

The switchgear is a vital component of maintaining a stable and consistent electrical supply. Campus buildings require a great deal of energy to operate, from lights to computers to heating and air conditioning to sound equipment, etc. The current switchgear system at CSU is out of date, and the update is necessary to ensure that our electrical supply is stable in the future.

What is the schedule of building shutdowns?

For up to date schedule click HERE.
For other areas of impact click HERE.

How will the update affect class schedules and locations?  

All classes will have adequate space to convene as they normally would. In most cases, the changes in location are already reflected on the class schedule. However, we encourage each student and faculty member to check this page regularly for updates.
For recent updates on class relocations click HERE.

How will this affect dining services?

Dining services will continue as scheduled without interruption.

Will I be able to contact my advisor during the shutdown periods?

Yes, as each building shuts down, arrangements have been made to have all faculty and staff advisors available to students as they normally would be. Please check this page regularly for updates on where to go if your advisor is housed in a building that is temporarily shut down.

Where will students be able to access enrollment-related services?

All student services will be available to students throughout the duration of the shutdown. We encourage each student to make appointments through the internet at  Please check this page regularly for schedules of where services can be accessed when their normal office is unavailable. For a list of temporarily relocated offices click HERE

Will students be able to access library resources?

The library will not be shut down at any time and will operate on normal hours.

Will students need to leave the residence hall for any period of time?

No, Students who are scheduled to be in the residence hall this summer will remain through this process. Any power shutdowns in the residence hall will be brief.