Donate to a Strong Finish
give to a strong finish

The CSU Alumni Annual Giving Initiative is an opportunity for alumni to give back to their alma mater and provide scholarships to current students. 

Give to CSU for the chance for students to finish strong. As a CSU alumnus, you understand the significance of finishing what you start. Our institution would like to extend you an invitation to give back, helping students to finish strong-furthering the University's commitment to future alumni.

Whether you’re making a first-time donation or traditionally make annual donations, your generosity makes a difference. Together, let’s take the next step.

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Alumni Profiles

Below are some of CSU's past and recent alumni:

 Katrinka Knerr, Class of '13

"As an alum, I can complete my goals and give for the future."
Katrinka Knerr, Class of '13


 John Meyer, Class of '87

"I gave so others can accomplish their dreams."
John Meyer, Class of '87