Rep. Annazette Collins Biography

Annazette Collins

Annazette R. Collins brings a wealth of professional experience to the 10th District. It is a unique passion for youth issues, which symbolizes Ms. Collins' contribution in the public sector. Having grown up in an impoverished neighborhood on Chicago's West Side, Ms. Collins professional career began with Ada S. McKinley as a social worker, and then spent several years as a correctional officer with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. It was during this period that Ms. Collins felt that her career should follow a different path. She sought to fulfill her commitment to youth issues by securing employment first with the Cook County Probation Department, then with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, and then with the Chicago Public Schools.

Health Care

  • Worked to require insurance companies to cover mammograms for all women age 18 and over as well as pay regular screenings for women at high risk for ovarian cancer
  • Fighting to expand access to quality health care in Illinois
  • Assisted in creating Men's Health Week from June 15 to 21 2009 to encourage men to have self check-ups for prostate cancer and encourage all men to pursue preventative health practices and early detection efforts


  • Fought for a budget that provided the highest level of funding for schools in Illinois history.
  • Worked to raise high school graduation standards and reduced class sizes
  • Sponsored legislation to increase funding for programs for children from birth to three years old
  • Expanded the preschool programs


  • Created the Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Increased funding to strengthen after-school programs
  • Passed legislation requiring drug courts in every county in Illinois
  • Supports responsible legislation in ridding streets of illegal guns