Alumni Spotlight

You will find our Chicago State University alumni working in every field imaginable. Please take a few minutes to read these interesting stories.

Aida Abraha, Interim Associate Dean, Chicago State University

  1. What is your career profession?
    I am the Interim Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Science, here at CSU; I am also an Associate Professor of Biochemistry. Before I became promoted to the Associate Dean position, I taught biochemistry and also conducted research in Alzheimer’s disease, in the department of Chemistry/Physics/Engineering Studies.
  2. What role did Chicago State University (CSU) play in meeting your career objectives?
    While I was a student at CSU, I majored in Chemistry/Pre-profession Option. The professors taught and prepared me well, which helped me to succeed in graduate school and beyond.
  3. Why did you first give to CSU?
    While I was a student here, I was given financial assistance in different forms. There was no way I could have made it to where I am now, without the overall support of CSU. I wanted to give back because I want my fellow sisters and brothers to succeed and do better than me; therefore I will continue giving to CSU.
  4. What does Chicago State University mean to you?
    I have great respect and love to CSU. I am CSU and I will continue doing everything in my power to make it successful and continue being the best it can be.
  5. What do you tell fellow alumni, friends, family members and others about Chicago State University?
    I always talk about how the success of CSU is important to Chicago, especially to the south side community. CSU graduates one of every six African Americans receiving baccalaureate degree among all twelve Illinois public institutions combined. We have rigorous and high standard programs that empower students with high quality education. We challenge our students to be critical thinkers and prepare them to apply the knowledge they gain to their day to day life
  6. If you had 5 minutes with the President of Chicago State University what would you say? Why? If you were CSU President for a day, what would you do? Why?
    The first thing I want to ask the president of CSU is his immediate plan on how to increase enrollment and his medium term plan on how to raise fund for the university. Right now, enrollment and funding are the two critical components for the long term existence of CSU. If I become the president of CSU for a day, I will contact some of the radio stations and talk about the unique mission and vision of CSU and all the wonderful and successful people we graduated over the years.
  7. What words of wisdom about giving back would you like to pass on to future CSU students and alumni?
    I want to say to each student and alum that the existence and success of CSU is beneficial to their future. All need to give back, so other students like them can have the chance to reach where they are.