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University College Program (UC)

The goal of the University College Program is to assist incoming, freshmen students whose pre-college education did not fully prepare them to reach their academic potential. In turn, the UC program provides students with needed resources to help them take full advantage of the educational opportunities Chicago State University offers and to help them succeed during their first year of college with the end goal being graduation.

To serve students to the best of our ability, UC faculty and staff create supportive curricula and programs to help students develop skills essential to successful academic performance in the larger university.

How do I get accepted into the University College Program?

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What are the benefits of the University College Program?

  • Specialized orientation, advising, and registration
  • Individualized attention by instructors and academic advisors who work in the UC program
  • Freshman Seminar 1500/1510
  • Access to the Summer Bridge program

How long does the program take to complete?

The curriculum is designed for students to exit the program in one academic year (a two-semester commitment). Students must take the required courses necessary to do so.

What is the University College curriculum?

The University College program curriculum combines basic skills and general education coursework applicable to all majors. In addition, students take specialized Freshman Seminar courses designed to both help them acclimate to the university and succeed academically in their first year.

Students must complete the following curriculum before exiting the University College program:

  • Freshman Seminar 1500
  • Freshman Seminar 1510
  • Math 0990 Level 1 and Level 2
  • English 1230 or 1270
  • Reading 1500

Students who place out of Math 0990 Levels 1 and 2 and Reading 1500 are still required to complete the remaining courses in the curriculum before exiting.

How do I exit the program?

Once students complete the entire University College curriculum, they are officially exited from the program. Students will complete necessary paperwork with an advisor and transfer to their chosen major. Students must meet the requirements of the major before they can be transferred.

For admission criteria, please contact the Office of Admissions at 773.995.2513.