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Dr Aida Abraha

Dr. Aida Abraha,
Chemistry and Physics

Biochemistry - Effect of calpain on tau assembly in vitro and in Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr Walid Al-Ghoul

Dr. Walid Al-Ghoul,
Biological Sciences

Physiology - Mechanisms of Intestinal Mucosa Damage as Therapeutic Targets in Postburn Sepsis.

Dr Chris Botanga

Dr. Christopher Botanga

Biological Sciences

Plant genetics

Dr. Mark Erhart

Dr. Mark Erhart,
Biological Sciences

Genetic mapping of a mutation causing ataxia in the mouse

Dr. Jeff Fortman directing the safe handling of animals.

Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Fortman (on

the right), University of Illinois

Veterinary sciences – ethics and humane handling of laboratory animals.

Dr. J. Ache Gana

Dr. Ache Gana,
Biological Sciences


Genetics - Transcriptional analysis of the CAR gene from Medicago sativa.

Dr Valerie Goss

Dr. Valerie Goss

Chemistry and Physics


Analytical and physical chemistry - nanoparticles

Dr Rong He

Dr. Rong Lucy He,
Biological Sciences


Molecular biology - How cells communicate through membrane receptors. Students will learn: (i) how to construct a receptor DNA into a expression vector; (ii) how to transform a receptor DNA construct to a bacterial cell-line to amplify it;  (iii) how to purify a receptor DNA construct from bacterial cells; and (iv) how to transfect a mammalian cell-line with a receptor DNA construct.

Dr Kristy Mardis

Dr. Kristy Mardis,

Chemistry and Physics


Computational chemistry - modeling of macromolecules and bio-active proteins.

Dr Andres Maselli and hsi students

Dr. Andrew Maselli (first on the right),
Biological Sciences


Cell biology with specialty in electron microscopy.

Dr Robert RichterMr Ron Glowinski

Dr. Robert Richter & Ron Glowinski
Chemistry and Physics

Analytical and synthetic chemistry - This summer students will investigate: (i)  advanced lab techniques related to the extraction, identification, and chemical modification of chemical substances obtained from natural sources (e.g. algae, wood, paper). Some aspects of glyceride fatty acid transesterification and of cell wall rupture in single cell algae will be addressed; (ii) how to make biodiesel fuel and alcohol from plant material; and (iii) how to identify compounds  using modern spectroscopic equipment.


Charlen Snelling


Dr. Charlene Snelling
Library and Information Sciences

Research Strategies for the 21st Century: Students learn to navigate the CSU database lists.   They  will search multiple information databases from the  National Institutes of Health Library including Medline, Toxent, etc. 


Dr. Juanita Sharpe,
Biological Sciences


(i) Ethics in the sciences – the responsible conduct of research.

(ii) Biochemistry and molecular biology. 

Dr. Joseph Young with TILT students  in the organic chemistry lab.

Dr. Joseph Young,
Chemistry and Physics


Organic chemistry – synthetic and compound purification methods.

Dr. Kevin Swier

Dr. Kevin Swier,
Biological Sciences

Cell biology - Study of the social amoeba, Dictyostelium discoideum, as a model system for identifying mechanisms of metabolic regulation.


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