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Support of Competitive Research ("SCORE")

bullet pointThe goal of the SCORE PROGRAM is to enhance the professional development of the research faculty and sustain a research environment at CSU which encourages students to point their career goals to leadership positions in biomedical research.

bullet point Prior to 2011 the NIH funded SCORE as an institutional program through its SO6 mechanism with multiple research subprojects. The current program funds individual faculty research through SC awards. CSU is the recipient of four of these grants - to Drs Al-Ghoul, Mardis, He, and Swier - see below. These projects offer CSU students practical laboratory experiences in a range of research subjects and serve as on-campus research activities for students who participate in the developmental projects of the MBRS RISE Program.

The following is a listing of the current and recent faculty-led SCORE research projects:

Dr Al-Ghoul
Dr. Walid Al-Ghoul
Project title: Gut Circadian Clock and Melatonin Dynamics 
Dr Mark Erhart
Dr. Mark Erhart
Project title: A Mouse Model for a Dominant Adult-Onset Ataxia.

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Dr Rong He
Dr. Rong He
Project title: Role of serum amyloid in interferon expression and T helper cell differentiation

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Dr LeRoy Jones II
Dr. LeRoy Jones II
Project title: Development of Self-Healing Acrylic Bone Cement Composites.

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Dr. Kristy Mardis
Dr. Kristy L. Mardis
Project title: Conformations of C-Type Cytochrome Self-Assembling Complexes

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Dr. Andew Maselli
Dr. Andrew G. Maselli
Project title: Studying the Formation, Stability, and Structure of Hirano Bodies Using a Living Cell System.

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Dr Kevin Swier
Dr. Kevin Swier
Project title: Intracellular signaling during phagocytosis

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Funding history of the CSU MBRS-SCORE Program

bullet pointCurrent and recent SCORE faculty research projects are listed above. Tenured and tenure-track faculty in the biological sciences, chemistry, pharmacy, mathematics, and physics are eligible to submit SCORE research projects for future funding by the NIH. Those interested are invited to consult with Warren Sherman prior to submitting their application. Here is a link for a sample SF 424 Form (R & R) for filing an application on Grants.Gov for SCORE research support.

bullet point For a full listing of previous faculty-led MBRS-supported research projects, click here.