GRASP: GRAduate School Preparation

Description: The capstone project of the MBRS-RISE Program that guides students through the graduate school application process and how to succeed on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and write a competitive graduate school application.

What are the Project Activities

bullet point image Graduate school advice and counseling.
bullet point image Source of graduate school Information
bullet point image GRE preparation workshop, and . . .
bullet point image How to prepare the graduate school application package including the personal statement

Is there any Monetary Support? - Yes!

bullet point imageFree GRE preparation workshop at CSU

bullet point image Partial GRE test fee waiver

What are the Expected Short-term Outcomes?

bullet point image Increased confidence and familiarity  with the GRE exam.
bullet point image Increased awareness of graduate programs  and school options.
bullet point image Increased GRE scores to acceptable admissions level.
bullet point image Improved writing  skills needed to prepare a competitive graduate school application..

What are the Expected Intermediate-term Outcomes?

bullet point image Informed choices about existing graduate programs and schools.
bullet point image Greater probability of getting into a desired graduate school.
bullet point image Acceptance into programs where you are likely to succeed.

What are the Expected Outcomes in the Long-term?

bullet point image Successful completion of Ph.D. program.
bullet point image Establishment of CSU pipelines to specific graduate programs.
bullet point image Maintain contacts with CSU faculty as a useful resource while in graduate school.

Where can I find more information about graduate programs and financial support while in graduate school?

bullet point image Here are some useful websites:

NIH Predoctoral FellowshipsNSF Graduate Fellowships
Graduate Record ExamJustGarciaHill
Graduate School Funding 

Eventually I would like to apply to a Ph.D. program.  But I think that I am not quite ready or have not decided on which program.  What are my choices?

bullet point image There are a number of Ph.D. "BRIDGE" and "PREP" programs hosted at universities around the nation and funded by the NIH. A complete listing of training programs supported by the NIH may be found at the NIH website.

Who should apply to participate in GRASP?

bullet point image Juniors and seniors at CSU who have participated in other MBRS-RISE activities and/or have an expressed interest in science and pursuing a Ph.D. in biomedical research.

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