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 Congratulations to the MBRS alumni awarded biomedical Ph.D. degrees during the past few years:

Dr. Cynthia Aku-Leh, physics, University of Michigan
Dr. Geraldine Cochran, physics education research, Florida International University
Dr. Alfred Diggs, biological engineering, Purdue University
Dr. Valerie Goss, chemistry & nanomaterials, University of Notre Dame
Dr. Pablo Guzman, organic chemistry, Emory University
Dr. Tyvette Hilliard, medicinal chemistry, University of Illinois at Chicago
Dr. Nicole Jones, biological sciences, University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign
Dr. Diana Mayweather, biochemistry, Northwestern University
Dr. Diana Monsivais, biological sciences, Northwestern University
Dr. Erica McJimpsey, analytical chemistry, University of California Davis
Dr. George Pates, analytical chemistry, Purdue University
Dr. Juan Reyes, biological sciences, Northwestern University
Dr. Stephen Smith, chemistry, Northwestern University

Since the original funding of the MBRS Program, more than 40 students have been admitted to Ph.D. programs in biology, chemistry and physics and 23 alumni of RISE and its MBRS predecessor program have been awarded Ph.D. degrees


Ashley Wardlow

flower bullet point Congratulations chemistry major Ashley Wardlow, co-author in the publication: Ketur Darji, Cristina Miglis, Ashley Wardlow, and Ehab A Abourashed (2013) HPLC Determination of Isoflavone Levels in Osage Orange from the United States Midwest and South, J. Agric. Food Chem., 61, 6806-6811 • DOI: 10.1021/jf400954m. Ashley is currently studying at Florida International University.

greg grooms

flower bullet pointCongratulations to 2013 chemistry graduate Greg Grooms, co-author of publication: Jens Niklas,Kristy L. Mardis,Brian P. Banks, Gregory M. Grooms, Andreas Sperlich,Vladimir Dyakonov,Serge Beaupré, Mario Leclerc,Tao Xu, Luping Yuand Oleg G. Poluektov (2013) Highly-efficient charge separation and polaron delocalization in polymer–fullerene bulk-heterojunctions: a comparative multi-frequency EPR and DFT study, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2013,15, 9562-9574.

student graduation

flower bullet point Congratulations to the 2013 baccalaureate degree recipients.

BS Biology: Shara Bobo, Lawal Labaran, Shiela Mahon, Brittani McClure, Angela Reese

BS Chemistry: Gregory Grooms, Joshua Meyer

2011 ABRCMS awardee  Rosa Garciaflower bullet pointCongratulations to biology senior Rosa Garcia for her award sponsored by The American Society for the Advancement of Sciences for the best platform presentation in the area of Immunology at the November, 2011, meeting of ABRCMS, St. Louis, MO. Rosa graduated in 2013 and is applying to MD/PhD programs.


Shannon AllenIke MaduekeTina PerkinsKristin Smithflower bullet point RISE Alumni Shannon Allen, Ike Madueke, Tina Perkins, and Kristin Smith, co-authors with faculty member Dr Christine Gerin in the publication 'Combination strategies for repair, plasticity and, regeneration using regulation of gene expression during the chronic phase after spinal cord injury,' Synapse, 65(12), 1255- 1281[PMID: 21308793]

Stephanie Foxflower bullet pointChemistry major Stephanie Fox was awarded a travel scholarship by the Thurgood Marshall College Fund to attend the 10th Annual Leadership Institute & Career Fair, New York City, October 29 – November 1, 2010.


Tiffany Brown with Merck certificateTiffany Brown working in the lab.flower bullet pointCongratulations to chemistry major Tiffany Brown for her selection as a 2008 National UNCF-MERCK Undergraduate Science Research scholar. This award provides tuition, room, board, and travel scholarships up to $25,000. Included is a research internship at MERCK's research headquarters in New Jersey. 

flower bullet point Tiffany was awarded the D Pharm degree from CSU, May 2013.
Nicole Squair prresents her research

flower bullet pointNichole Squair was selected as a National Science Foundation (NSF) Scholar to support her participation in the 12th Annual Green Chemistry & Green Engineering Conference, which was held June 24-26, 2008 in Washington, DC.  Nichole's interests in Green Chemistry started with her undertaking a project in Dr. Robert LeSuer’s  lab dealing with dye sensitized solar cells.  She presented her study of dye sensitized solar cells at the National ACS meeting in New Orleans (LeSuer, Robert J., Squair, Nichole. "using scanning electrochemical microscopy to investigate electron-transfer processes in dye-sensitized solar cells."  Abstracts of Papers, 235th ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, April 6-10, 2008).

Dr. Mardis and students

flower bullet point Congratulations to Dr. Kristy Mardis and her RISE students. They participated for a second year in the Summer Faculty and Student Team (FaST) Research Program at Argonne National Laboratory. During the appointment they worked on a joint research project with Dr. David Tiede of Argonne's Chemistry Division. Their team research project involved studies of molecular dynamics simulations on nanoscale protein molecular wire architectures and self-assembled, photo catalytic complexes formed with prophyrins and other photsensitizers. RISE scholars Heather Sutton and Tim Vuong participated in the summer of 2007, and Adrienne Eastland and Quinana Moore joined the program in the summer of 2008.

flower bullet pointChemistry majors Deborah Amos and Adrienne Eastland were awarded National UNCF-MERCK Undergraduate Science Research scholarships. These awards provide tuition, room, board, and travel up to $25,000. Included are $5,000 research internships at MERCK's research headquarters in New Jersey.  Deborah's award was for the summers of 2006 and 2007 and Adrienne's was for 2007-8.

flower bullet pointAdrienne matriculated to the Ph.D. program in biology at Northwestern University in the fall, 2009

Deborah AmosAdrienne Eastland and MERCK Award letter

Deborah Amos (left) and Adrienne Eastland

flower bullet point Danielle Johnson won a full travel fellowship award to present her work carried out in Dr. Aida Abraha’s SCORE Program lab at a conference in Florida.  The citation was:  Danielle Johnson, Acho Gana, Arthur Thomas, and Aida Abraha, Effect Of Calpain On Tau Polymerization In Vitro and In Alzheimer’s Disease,  Minority Trainee Research Forum (MTRF); Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Sept 2005.

flower bullet point Also, in 2006 Danielle was selected as a "Scholar" in the American Chemical Society's Scholars program. This brought with it a major financial award to cover financial needs including tuition, books and lab fees for Danielle's senior year at CSU.

Danielle JohnsonDanielle Johnson with her award plaque

flower bullet pointA poster presentation by Nicole Jones at the Minority Trainee Research Forum in Aventura Fl, in September of 2005, was based on her work in Dr Juanita Sharpes’ laboratory at CSU.  The title of her presentation was, Fluorescent Spectroscopic analysis of the interaction between Bax and small unilamellar vesicles to model the interaction between Bax and the mitochondria during apoptosis.  She was awarded the Acres of Diamonds Award in a national abstract competition.

flower bullet point Nicole is also to be congratulated on the award of her Ph.D. in Anatomy and Cell Biology from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2011.

Nicole Jones in the labMTRF 2005 program announcement

flower bullet pointJuan Reyes won an award for his presentation, J. F. Reyes, A. G. Maselli The Formation of GFP-Tagged Hirano Bodies in Dictyostelium discoideum After Inducible Expression of a Truncated Actin Bundling Protein,  at the American Society of Cell Biology 45th Annual Meeting, 2005.  The presentation was based on his work in Dr. Andrew Maselli's SCORE  research lab which is funded by the MBRS-SCORE program.

flower bullet point In 2011 Juan was awarded the Ph.D. degree from Northwestern University and is now doing research at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden.

Juan Reyes

Award winners at the Am Soc for Cell Biology 45th Annual Meeting






American Society of Cell Biology 45th Annual Meeting, 2005, Poster Organizers Peter Satir (far left) and Anthony DePass (far right) with 2005 MAC poster session winners. Juan Reyes is second from the right.

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