Apprentice Scientists Participating In  Research Endeavors"ASPIRE"

Project Outline

The goal of this project is to involve a greater number of science majors in biomedical research activities with the objectives of both interesting them in the challenges of research and making them aware of career paths of research scientists.

To implement these objectives, a selection of on-campus (MBRS SCORE) and/or off-campus* research projects are available both during the academic year and in the summer. You may contact these research universities directly through their websites (for a listing, see the CSU MBRS Bulletin Board on the 3C level of the Williams Science Center, or visit the JUSTGARCIAHILL website). Once you have secured an invitation, ASPIRE may be able to provide you with travel expenses if the internship does not.


Student Benefits

Opportunities to engage in university-level research.
Develop a one-on-one relationship with a faculty mentor.
Learn skills and information that will help you succeed in college.
Financial - paid employment (up to 15 hours per week during the Academic Year; up to 40 hours per week during the summer).
Travel expenses for summer off-campus internships.
bullet point For a copy of Regulations & Guidelines for student participation in on-campus internships click here. If you are interested in one of these internships during the Fall or Spring semesters or for the Summer, first contact one of the SCORE faculty, or other faculty in the departments of Biological Sciences or Chemistry and Physics who have an active research laboratory. Their recommendation is the first step in the ASPIRE application process.

For information about off-campus summer internships at research-intensive universities, along with summer travel and pay, contact Program Director Dr. Sherman (see below). Recent placements for off-campus summer internships have included: Argonne Natl. Laboratory, University of Alabama, Brown University, University of California-Berkeley, University of Chicago, Cornell University, University of Iowa, University of Michigan, Northwestern University, Northwestern Medical Center, and rUniversity of Wisconsin.  For a listing of other opportunities for off-campus summer internships visit the JUSTGARCIAHILL website managed by Hunter College or contact Dr. Sherman.


Dr. Warren Sherman, MBRS Programs Coordinator
Room:   SCI-245
Phone:  ext 2322

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