Chicago State University

Chicago State University

RISE Program


Instructions: General GRE Test
Partial Fee Waiver


CSU RISE students are eligible to receive a partial waiver of the fee to take the general GRE Test. To obtain this:


bullet point image Go to the ETS website and figure out when and where you want to take the GRE Test. The ETS is the organization that administers the GRE Test.


bullet point image Go in person to the Financial Aid Office, room ADM-207, and ask for Mr. Barrington McLean. Call him beforehand (ext. 3550) for an appointment.


bullet point image You will be asked to complete an ETS partial fee waiver form.


bullet point image On the form indicate date(s) when and where you wish to take the GRE Test.


bullet point image Once you complete the ETS form, return it to Mr. McClean. He will mail it to the ETS, and you should receive a voucher from them confirming the reduced Test fee.


bullet point image When you register for the Test bring the voucher with you to the Testing Center.