Benson poster
Timothy M. Benson; Kevin Swier; Andrew Maselli; Shannon Smith; Lajoy Stewart; and Richard Townsend, Building a Construct to Knock Out the Gene for Old Yellow Enzyme inDictyostelium.  Abstract G78. 
Brown poster
Tiara Brown;Kristy Mardis; Robert LeSuer; and Asare Nkansah, Computational Analysis of the Docking of Tetracycline to Various Cyclodextrins.  Abstract B164. 
freeman poster
Yvonne Freemanand Valerie Goss, Printing 3D Nanostructures.  Abstract E45. 
Linder poster
Keenan P. Linderand Valerie Goss, Sizing it Up: Chicago State University Nanotechnology Week.  Abstract F68.
McCants poster
Tanika McCantsand Aida Abraha, The Effect Of Simvastatin On Tau Polymerization, In Vitro, And In Alzheimer's Disease. Abstract B19.
Myles presentation
DeBorah T. Myles;Asare Nkansah, and Valerie Goss, The Encapsulation of Tetracycline using β-cyclodextrin. Abstract O13. 
Nesbary poster
Alicia L. Nesbary;Mohammad Newaz; Neha Chug; Katarzyna Marek; and Isaias Isaacs, Enhanced Contribution of Different Oxygenases in Glycerol-Induced Acute Renal Failure Abstract A227.
ridenbaugh poster
Brittny L. Ridenbaughand Robert J. LeSuer, Lead Contamination on the Southeast Side of Chicago from Steel Industry Waste. Abstract D43. 
Stewart poster

LaJoy A. Stewart;Kevin Swier; Saharah Bobo; Tina Perkins; Musediq Ismail-Rasheed; and Andrew Maselli, Screening Dictyostelium Mutants for Inefficient Degradation After Phagocytosis.  Abstract B54. 

Thompson poster
Aaron Thompson;Linda Omer; and Rong He, Acute-Phase Serum Amyloid A May Induce Leukocyte Chemotaxis Through Chemokine Receptor Cxcr3 Or Ccr1.  Abstract  A134.
Perryman poster
Shaunteri Tomorrow Perrymanand Valerie Goss, Antimicrobial Properties of Silver Nanoparticles. Abstract B55. 
Webb poster
Jeremy N. Webb;Tarita Holloway; and Kristy Mardis, Computational Investigation of the Electronic Structure of [60] and [70]PCBM Used in Polymer-fullerene Composite Solar Cells.  Abstract G83

* Student presenters are identified in boldface.