2012 Spring Symposium & Student Research Conference in STEM, Chicago, Illinois, February 3-4.

Presentations by RISE students and alumni
(RISE students and alumni identified in boldface)

    • Saharah R. Bobo, LaJoy Stewart, Kevin Swier, Andrew Maselli and Tina Perkins,* Identification of Genes Involved in Degradation After Phagocytosis.

    • Lawal Abbas Labaran,1,2 Devi Prasad Potluri1 and Burkhard Schulz, 2 A Pharmacological Impact Study of Brassinosteroid Biosynthesis Inhibitors in Sorghum. 1Department of Biological Sciences, Chicago State University, Chicago, IL 60628; 2Department of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907.

    • Linda Omer, Precious Edmonds, William Woolfork and Rong L. He, Serum Amyloid a Can be Defined as a Chemokine.

    • LaJoy A. Stewart, Saharah R. Bobo, Tina Perkins*, Musediq Ismail‐Rasheed, Andrew Maselli and Kevin Swier, Screening Dictyostelium Mutants for Inefficient Degradation after Phagocytosis.

    • Shamir Fuller, Pablo Guzman* and LeRoy Jones II, Preparing Gram Quantities of Ruthenium Bidentate Schiff‐Base Complexes via Microwave Irradiation.

    • Rodney Onwu,* Melissa Rangel, Brittany House, Robert Richter and Andrew Maselli The Development of Assays to Evaluate the Chemical Composition and Potential Toxicity of Commercial Tattoo Ink.

    • Brittny Ridenbaugh and Robert LeSuer,  Dye Sensitized Solar Cells, Silicon Solar Cells, and Alternative Energy.

    • Ashley Wardlow, Nataliya Sidelnikova and Ehab A. Abourashed, Isolation and Yield Maximization of the Major Constituents of Horse Apple Fruit.

    • Brittani McClure, L. Lawal, and V. Potluri, Role of Brassinosteroids in Salt Stress Tolerance of Sweet Potato Under in vitro Conditions.

    • Stephanie Fox and Asare Nkansah, Development of New Dendrimer‐Based Drug Encapsulation Polymeric Materials.

    • Kiara S. Mason and Asare Nkansah,  Studies on the Use of β‐ Cyclodextrin to Enhance the Solubility and Efficacy of Silybin.

    • Triejaye McDowell, Nataliya Sidelnikova and Ehab A. Abourashed, Adopting a Traditional Phytochemical Approach to Solve the Riddle of Nutmeg.

    • Karen Cossyleon* and Edmundo Garcia, VHMPID: A Proposed New Detector for the ALICE Experiment.

    • Tawanda Hitchcock*, Austin Harton and Edmundo Garcia, Modeling the Effects of Mirror Misalignment in a Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detector.


*RISE Program alumni.