Faculty Research

College of Arts and Sciences


Dr. Mark Erhart , Ph.D. Mammalian Molecular and Classical Genetics; population genetics and molecular evolution of gene complexes in mammals.

Floyd Banks, Ph.D. - Synaptic Physiology and Biophysics; membrane biophysics of compensatory enlarging mammalian muscle fibers and the motor nerve release properties.

Richard Beil, Ph.D. - Conservation Biology and Environmental Botany, ecology and population dynamics of endangered plant species.

Anthony Garcy, Ph.D. - Exercise Physiology, response of rat cardiac muscle to exercise stress.

Eric Peters, Ph.D. - Radioecology and Ecotoxicology; physiological ecology of lower vertebrates, ecological risk assessment methods; vertebrate energetics.

James Rastorfer, Ph.D. - Biology of Bryophtes; plant taxonomy, ecology of plant communities; restoration ecology.

Rai Sinha, Ph.D. - Microbial Physiology; molecular biology and genetic engineering of economically important lactobacilli.

Kevin Swier, Ph.D. - Cell Biology, interaction of Leishmania with macrophages; antigen presentation by macrophages.

Larry Szymczak, Ph.D. - Mosquito Biology; cytogenetics, speciation, and ecology of disease-causing mosquitoes and abatement protocols.

Laurie Walter, Ph.D. - Paleoherpetology; systematics and evolution of chordates; functional anatomy.

Marian Wilson-Comer, Ph.D. (Department Chair) - Economic Botany; urban horticulture; science education.


Daniel Block (Ph.D., University of California at Los Angles,): Tenure Track Assistant Professor ; Earth Science, Human Geography, Economic Geography, Geographic Information Systems.

Mark Bouman (Ph.D., University of Minnesota): Tenured Professor & Chair , Historical Urban Geography, Community Economic Development, Geographic Thought, Europe, Russia, United States and Canada.

Janet Halpin (Ph.D., University of Ottawa): Tenure Track Assistant Professor ; Landscape Ecology, Natural Resources, Environmental Studies, Cultural, Canadian Studies, Time Geography.

Gebeyehu Mulugeta (Ph.D., Michigan State University): Tenured Associate Professor & Graduate Advisor ; Cartography, GIS, Environmental Remote Sensing, Quantitative Techniques, Africa.

William Peterman (Ph.D., University of Denver): Tenured Professor & NAC Coordinator ; Urban Planning, Neighborhood Development, Housing, and Quantitative Methods.

Irvin Roth (Ph.D., Syracuse University): Tenured Professor ; Economic Geography, Conservation of Natural Resources.


Papers: Dr. Attele submitted a paper "A Note to Calculus Students".

Dr. Kwembe had published: "Initial Boundary value Problems for the Semi-linear Diffusion Equations With data in L p -Spaces, "A priority Energy Estimates for a System of Diffusion Equations and Semi-linear Equations", and "Generalized Solutions of Diffusion Equations with the Bi-Harmonic term and their Applications".

Dr. Getachew got two papers published in international journals. In the Summer, he worked at NASA and completed a project on turbulence.

Dr. Solakiewicz published 5 papers, including "A diffusion model for lightning radiative transfer and "On the retrieval of lightning radio sources for time-of-arrival data".

Dr. Meyer authored a text: Introduction to College Mathematics: Modeling, Solving, and Communicating . She wrote a paper: A Pre-Calculus Students' Ability to Deconstruct a Linear Graph

Dr. Chern authored a paper "What is Doing What on Your Database?"

Dr. Chen authored a paper, " Realizations of Single-Contact Networks by Multiple-Switching Function".

Dr. Vidal is currently writing a textbook on computer architecture.

Dr. Silver is working on a revision of his textbook Basic Mathematics .

Grants: Dr. Solakiewicz worked on 4 grants: Center Directors Discretionary Fund, OTD Group Achievement, Intergovernmental Personnel Act, Universities Space Research Association.

Dr. Meyer has been awarded the following grants: Exxon Foundation Grant; NASA NOVA Grant; Faculty Development B Faculty Incentive Grant; NSF Project Kaleidoscope and MacArthur Foundation "A Developing Integrated Curriculum" She has also applied for another NASA NOVA in conjunction with the College of Education.

Drs. Chen and Vidal were awarded an NSF Grant: An Integration of Computer Architecture and Parallel Programming

Drs. Silver, Chu, G. Wang, and Meyer have applied for a U.S. Department of Education MSEIP Grant, "Mathematics Integrating the Sciences through Technology"

Talks Presented: Dr. Attele presented "Stochastic Partial Differential Equations" for Math in Finance seminar, and "Quaternions" for CSU Math Colloquium.

Drs. Zazi and Attele will present a talk at the AMATYC Conference this fall.

Dr Solakiewicz gave two presentations, including " Electromagnetic Scattering in Clouds".

Dr. Meyer will speak this summer on "Improving Students' mathematics through Reading and Writing and "The Effects of a Cognitively Grounded Reform Curriculum on Precalculus Students' Understanding of Linear Functions"

Dr. Chern presented "Medical Expert Systems" at IIT Workshops


Dr. Solakiewicz has been awarded 1994, 1995, and 1998 Summer Faculty Fellowships at the Marshall Space Flight Center.

Dr. Meyer was named Project Kaleidoscope Faculty for the 21 st Century.