Welcome to the First Year Experience

The Office of the First Year Experience was created to provide support and encouragement for students beginning with their first day of orientation to the final day of their first year at Chicago State University. Whether they are new students out of high school or transfer students, we are committed to their academic success and personal growth. In line with the University's mission, FYE provides programming that fosters students' intellectual development and growth while assisting in their smooth transition to the university. Our goal is to help students achieve. Our motto is to do it one student at a time.

Mission Statement

The mission of the First-Year Experience is to provide first-year students with the academic and social resources needed to successfully transition to college life and progress towards graduation.

Vision Statement

The First-Year Experience will be a leader in the development and coordination of programming for first-year students while promoting personal growth through academic and social opportunity.

Core Values

The members of the First-Year Experience team place the following values at the center of all programming, teaching, and outreach. These values which inspire programming and interaction with students are guided by the university's overall mission and values.

  • Student Centered Focus
  • Culture of Inclusion
  • Collaborative Teaching and Learning
  • Culture of Optimism
  • We see promise in our students, and we want them to succeed
  • Diversity and multiculturalism
  • Leadership
  • Scholarship and Lifelong Learning