About FYE 

The First Year Experience provides programming that fosters student's intellectual development and growth while assisting in their smooth transition to the university. Chicago State places a special emphasis on each student’s first year. We know that the foundations built during the first year are key to a student’s success, and we provide a first year program to give you the tools you will need.  The First Year Experience (FYE) picks up where the admissions team leaves off.  You will see us first at Cougar Start U Orientation.  Some will see us during summer programs and then at FYE programs and events throughout the first year.

What does FYE have to offer you?

Support Programs

  • FYE offers a variety of support programs that will help you make it through your first year without a hitch.  From freshman Seminar to R.I.S.E. Academy, FYE has what you need.  Click HERE to find out more about our programs. 

Success Workshops

  •  FYE offers a series of workshops that are designed to help students become successful and address common issues and concerns that can impact a student's first year and beyond.  Workshop topics include finances, wellness, academic success, effective communication, and more.

Embedded Tutors

  • Through the embedded tutor program, Chicago State has removed all obstacles and excuses from your ability to get help with your classes.   In select classes, the university provides tutors who attend each class period.  These tutors offer in-class support and are available outside of class to provide extra assistance to students. 

First Year Study Area

  • FYE has created a comfortable study environment for students.  Study tables are available for tutoring sessions or if you just want a quiet place to study outside of the library.  It is not uncommon to see groups working on presentations or students practicing speeches.  All are welcome.