Committee Membership

According to Appendix G of the current contract, the committee will consist of 15 members: seven members selected by the Union to represent the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business, the College of Health Sciences, the College of Education, the College of Pharmacy, Library and Instructional Services, and the Division of Continuing Education and Non-traditional Programs; five members chosen by the respective Chairperson, director, or Union Chapter President, one each from the following areas: the Union, Information Technology, the Graduate Studies Council, the University Curriculum Coordinating Committee, and the General Education Committee; a member selected by the VP of Enrollment Management and two members selected by the Provost. Staff of the Office of Distance Learning are considered ex officio, non-voting members of the committee. College Deans shall be informed of the membership of the standing committee.

Members are appointed for a three-year term to a maximum of two consecutive terms. The Union chapter president and the Provost at the request of the Distance Education Committee shall fill mid-year vacancies. Alternate members may be selected by the duly appointed member.

To accomplish the purpose of the Distance Education Committee, its members should regularly attend meetings to insure adequate representation of each academic and administrative area. At the end of each semester the committee shall report to the Union chapter president and the provost those members attending less than 50% of the 5 fall and/or 6 spring scheduled meetings so that these members may be replaced within one month with new appointees.

Additional persons may be invited to provide input to the Committee. They can be regular attendees or be invited to address specific topics. They shall serve without vote.

Current DEC Members

Appointment AreaPrimaryAlternate
Union/CASKarel Jacobs (Chair) 
Union/COBJoni Jackson ( (Vice Chair) 
Union/COE Gabriel Gomez ( 
Union/LibraryRosalind Fielder-Giscombe ( 
Union/Continuing Education VACANT 
UnionAgber Dimah(
Information TechnologyPrashant Shinde ( Alvin RIchards
Graduate Studies Council VACANT 
University Curriculum CommitteeJan-Jo Chen ( Phil Cronce (
General Education CommitteeArt Redman ( 
Enrollment Management VACANT 
ProvostThomas Rowan ( 
Provost Mark Sudeith ( 
CTRENancy Grim ( non voting 
OOITheo Garth ( )non voting 
OOI Rochelle Johnson ( non voting 
Student Representative VACANT