Online Certification Training (OCT)

OCT is the university's eight-week training program that prepares faculty to teach online. It helps instructors understand what online learning is, how to prepare their course content for an online environment, and what the best practices are for online course development and teaching. It also explores such areas as ADA web accessibility guidelines and internet copyright and fair use.

In accordance with Appendix G of the CSU Contract (2010-2015), all faculty members who wish to teach online must first complete OCT. Permission to teach online must also be obtained from one's respective dean and department chair.

OCT is offered regularly throughout the year. To find out when the next session is being offered, or to sign up for it, contact our offices at 773-995-2960 or

Faculty who Completed the OCT

Last Name First Name Department
Abston Lisa Biology
Adams Grace Psychology
Ade-Oshifogun Joschebed Nursing
Agada John Information Studies
Aka Philip Political Science
Anguh Ivonne Health Science
Arnott-Hill Elizabeth Psychology
Arredondo Richard Accounting & Finance
Ayyash Mousa T&ED
Bailey Sabrina Chem. & Physics
Baisa John Career Technical Education
Balogun Joseph Dean/College of Health Sciences
Bennett Walidah Psychology
Bernard April Criminal Justice
Bibbs Tracy Psychology
Bicknell-Hentges Lindsay Psychology
Biller Benjamin Sociology
Blakely Collette Psychology
Boddie Tonya Business
Bokhari Zafar MGMT
Borden Adrianne HIA
Bounds Patrice Psychology
Bounds Quintella Education (Special Ed)
Boyles Patrice Education
Bryant Linnae Business
Bryant Debbie Nursing
Buck Sarah PE
Bundly Betty Mathematics
Buteau Erin Education
Canalini Araceli Spanish
Carter Tollie Accounting
Chen Jan-Jo Mathematics
Chern Johng-Chern Mathematics
Choi Chongim Art and Design
Conda David Secondary Education
Crump Tracy Criminal Justice
Danquah Michael Pharmaceutical Sciences
Davis Tiffany Social Science
Dixon-Reeves Regina Sociology
Do Duc Pharmaceutical Science
Duffy Neva Spanish
Dulaney Kim AFAM
Dunn Ivy Psychology
Edingburg Tenell CTRE
Elmes Lynette Business
Esho Bourk Heath Information Systems
Evans Gayles Library & Instr.
Federico Dennis ELED
Fernandez Miguel Education
Ford Nicole Admissions/Psychology
Frankos Cynthia Geography
Garcia Maria ESL
Gahungu Athanase Education
Gahungu Olive Education
Garrett-Wilson Shirlyn Psychology
Giorgis Tadesse Psychology
Gomez Gabriel LIMS
Grange Janet Accounting
Grant William Education
Grim-Hunter Nancy COE
Groh Cynthia Health Science
Hall Essie Psychology
Hannsberry David Education
Hardy Yolanda Pharmacy
Harris Sherelene COE
Hervani Aref Economics
Hu Sharon LIMS
Ishowo Muinat Academic Advising
Jackson Gennifer CMAT
Jackson Leslie OT
Jacobs Karel Biology
Janssen Ephraim Das Philosophy
John Beverly Academic Affairs
Judkins Viodelda Education
Kang Soo  
Khan Kamesha CMAT
Kimble Lionel History
Baker-Kimmons Leslie Sociology
Khorshid Lamees Psychology
King Margaret Arts & Sciences
Kowalski James CTRE
Laura Crystal Doctoral Studies
Laosebikan Olanipekun Education
Leftridge Lisa Biology
Leys Barbara Early Childhood
Lin Su-Yu LIMS
Lynch Deborah Education
Madison Bakahia Psychology
Mahoney Daniel Physical Education
Marshall Janene Pharmacy
Martin Bryon SEPR
Martin William Continuing Education
Massel Leah English
McClendon Garrard GPED
Miller Florence Nursing
Mimnaugh Michael Chemistry and Physics
Mohaimani Bea ECBE
Morikawa Suzuko African American History
Mulugeta Gebeyehu Geography
Nazon Marsye Psychology
Nazy James Geography, Sociology, History Afr Am Stud & Anthr
Nelson Debra SEPR
Norris Evelyne French
Obermeyer Lindsay Art & Design
Olson Marilyn CMAT
Osika Elizabeth Library & Instr.
Paintal Sureshrani Education
Patterson Jon Criminal Justice
Phillips Zipporah Chemistry
Price Barbara HIA
Price-Shingles June SEPR
Pruitt-Annesette Brenda Education
Reed Edward/Justy Education
Reyes Juana Education
Reynolds Donna English
Rowan Bernie Political Science
Roy Janette Business
Saghafi Behrooz INSY
Sexton Angela Education
Smith Kevin Physical Science
Soto Maria ESL
Srivastava Sneha Pharmacy
Stec Jozef Pharmacy
Storrs Susan English
Szyman Robert PE
Sukowski Michael CTRE
Triche Ronald HIA
Wanka Elizabeth Occupational Therapy
Watkins Yashika Health Studies
Watson Sterling Psychology
White Hiram Psychology
Williams Concetta English
Williams Ericka Business
Williams George English
Williams Renee Criminal Justice
Williams Quintin Mathematics
Williamson Victor Education
Witherspoon Karen Psychology
Zurawski Mac-Z Political Science

Updated July 24, 2014