1Mr. Michael Sukowski
LIB 304-1



Mr. Sukowski guides the present and future direction of the CTRE, but also is directly involved in grants, faculty development, online learning, and special projects.  Mr. Sukowski holds a Master of Education degree in Instructional Design and Technology and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration with a Specialization in Adult Learners. His focus is faculty development and instructional design.  Recent publications and presentations include: The Changing Learner (The Strategic Management of Higher Education: Serving Students as Customers for Institutional Growth); Come and Get Fed: A CAFÉ Experience of Professional Development for Faculty at Concordia University Chicago, and Reaching the Tipping Point: The Interconnectedness of a School Leadership Program.

Mr. Sukowski is proud to be appointed as a member of the SLATE Community Fellowship program. This program expounds on the exceptional professional achievement and leadership of the individual and their contribution to education and technology professionals.


1Ms. Tenell Edingburg
Academic Advising Specialist
LIB 323



Ms. Edingburg is responsible for the coordination of information, resources, and development for the academic advisors and will serve as the advisors’ point person for support and information. Ms. Edingburg earned her Master of Science in Management (MSM) degree with an emphasis in Project Management from Kaplan University, and a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree with an emphasis in Computer Science from Roosevelt University. She comes to CSU having built a professional record of excellence working in academia.

1Mr. Theodis Garth
IT Specialist/Systems Administrator
LIB 315



Mr. Garth's primary responsibilities include site-wide management for Chicago State University's Learning Management System (LMS), Moodle. This includes monitoring Moodle to maintain a high level of optimization and functionality for students and faculty, as well as providing technical support for CTRE and Library and Instruction Services (LIS) staff and computing. Mr. Garth holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Information Systems Technology and a Masters of Science degree in Workforce Education and Technical Education from Southern Illinois University.

1Ms. Rochelle Johnson
Program Specialist
LIB 316



Ms. Johnson's primary responsibilities include assisting instructors and students in engaging with online learning at Chicago State University. Ms. Johnson obtained her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Technology and Education at Chicago State University, is a former Diversifying Higher Education Faculty in Illinois (DFI) fellow, and is currently pursuing an Ed.D. in Instructional Technology at Northern Illinois University. 


1Ms. Pamela Jones-Davis
Administrative Assistant
LIB 318




Ms. Jones-Davis' primary responsibilities include managing the daily operations and communications of the CTRE.  She works closely with each member of the team to ensure that central projects and services are handled effectively and efficiently. Of particular importance is her work with ensuring that CTRE grants are handled with the utmost integrity and scrutiny.