Core Functions


The Center for Teaching and Research Excellence is an academic department within Library and Instruction Services (LIS), and is comprised of three areas of responsibility:

  1. Faculty Development
  2. Online Learning
  3. Academic Advising Support

Core Functions

Faculty Development

TeachingFaculty development activities offered by the CTRE to support faculty in their teaching and research take the form of workshops, webinars, individual consultations, access to off-campus meetings and events, and the provision of educational resources. In order to provide additional opportunities, the CTRE holds an institutional membership with a number of regional and national organizations, which allow faculty to connect with a larger network of scholars and resources.


Support for For Online Learning

Moodle logoThe CTRE is responsible for online learning at CSU; as such, it provides training to both students and faculty to use Moodle, the learning management system (LMS) currently used by the university. All faculty who wish to teach online must first complete Online Certification Training (OCT), an eight-week course designed specifically for the CSU community. Both faculty and students are also welcome to make appointments with CTRE staff to obtain additional assistance. The CTRE also offers virtual workshops throughout the year on various aspects of Moodle.


Support for Academic Advising

AdvisignThe CTRE facilitates the development and effectiveness of its academic advisors with the assistance of the Center Director. This person helps coordinate, analyze, plan, and execute industry best practices to keep CSU competitive in higher education. Our academic advisors are able to keep students informed and in touch with the university as a whole.




The CTRE is managed by a director who reports to the Dean of Library and Instruction Services. Staff is hired to work within each of the three areas of the CTRE, however, extensive collaboration is promoted between all of them. Online learning has an instructional system administrator. Faculty development and academic advising support are the responsibility of the center's director.