Faculty Portfolio - Development Support

Instructions to Download Your Evaluations from IOTA Solutions

Log into the following URL with your CSU username and password to access the system.

Click Here

  • Hover your mouse over Recent Evaluations and select the semester (i.e. Fall 201709) from the drop down menu.
  • Click on the small arrow to the left of the session name to expand it.
  • All courses associated with your account will appear, as well as a graph of your response rates by date. You may wish to print to PDF this summary page as it has some of the data you need to complete the course evaluation summary boxes associated with each course.
  • Click on a course under Course Code to begin viewing reports/results for that course. The benchmark report for that course will appear.
  • Click on Viewing/Printing Options / Comprehensive Course Report
  • Save as PDF
  • Upload to Scheduled Teaching / Student Class Evaluation Report spot

Instructions to Upload Your Portfolio in Moodle

  1. In Digital Measures - Click on Run Report / Portfolio Review
  2. Enter the Dates of the review period
  3. Select the Review Type (1st, 2nd, ... Post-Tenure, etc.)
  4. Export to PDF {Please note: Some faculty found it helpful to download in WORD - fix formatting to fit their department expectations (as long as you do not interrupt / modify the links) and then SAVE AS PDF.}
  5. Rename slightly to add your name to the title i.e. [Last First - Post-Tenure Portfolio 2018....]
  6. Go to Moodle / Faculty Portfolio course
  7. Scroll down to find your name - Faculty Portfolio Shell
  8. Open and Create new discussion topic
  9. Label as: [Last First - Post-Tenure Portfolio 2018]
  10. Write a short message about the submission
  11. Attach your PDF document
  12. Click Submit

Dr. Grim will get a notice from the Moodle System and then will share (make visible) the portfolio with reviewers.